Burch & Cracchiolo

The team at Guttilla Murphy Anderson P.C. have joined forces with Burch & Cracchiolo P.A.

Effective immediately, shareholder Ryan W. Anderson and associate Shawn A. McCabe have moved their respective legal practices to Burch & Cracchiolo, P.A.

Guttilla Murphy Anderson

Guttilla Murphy Anderson’s bankruptcy practice is focused on the representation of fiduciaries in  Chapter 7 and 11 Bankruptcy cases.  The firm is recognized for its ability to successfully navigate administration and litigation matters in bankruptcy matters involving a multitude of assets, numerous creditors, and a myriad of sophisticated legal issues. Guttilla Murphy Anderson is focused on maximizing the value of its legal services to the bankruptcy estate by uncovering concealed assets, protecting the bankruptcy estate from liability and litigation issues for the benefit of unsecured creditors, all while assisting the Bankruptcy Trustee with the administration of the bankruptcy estate in an efficient and timely fashion.

In the representation of its trustee clients, Guttilla Murphy Anderson is experienced in litigating and resolving adversary proceedings involving a wide array of issues including pre-petition and post-petition transfers, vehicle lien avoidance actions, fraudulent transfer actions, preference litigation and actions to revoke a debtor’s discharge.

Notable Cases:

In re: Montechristo Properties, LLC, 2:15-bk-08246-BKM  

The Firm assisted a Chapter 7 Trustee client uncover and expose a massive mortgage fraud scheme, utilizing the real estate contract called an “agreement for sale” by which mainly low-income consumers, some of whom had limited ability to speak English, were led to believe that they, too, could share in the dream of home ownership through the purchase of a home from Montecristo Properties, LLC. Firm worked with the various victim creditors and lenders to resolve issues with respect to over 80 real properties and in the process the Trustee administered payments to lenders, victims and creditors in the amount of $3,396,329.05.  

In re: Ronald and Brittney Steinbrunner, 2:09-bk-231139-GBN

The Firm assisted a Chapter 7 Trustee with investigation into Debtor’s assets including uncovering that the Debtor made false statements regarding the alleged liquidation of custom diamond engagement ring. The Debtor’s testified it was sold for cash, but the Firm’s investigation determined it was exchanged for a 4.43kt diamond ring worth $51,500. The Firm was successful in liquidating the assets of the Debtor and denying the Debtor’s bankruptcy discharge pursuant to 11. U.S.C § 727(a)(4).  

In re: Paradise Valley Private School Foundation 2:17-bk-06070-PS

The Firm assisted a Chapter 7 Trustee in the administration of a failed private elementary school. Among other things, the Firm assisted the Trustee with efforts to locate, organize, secure and obtain Court approval for a procedure by which parents could obtain their child’s school records to enable their children to enroll in new primary schools and assisted the Trustee in the recovery of assets and liquidation of the Debtor’s assets via a series of public auctions which resulted in recoveries of over $180,000.00.

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